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What is Hype?

We are a community passionate about attending and reviewing unique experiences.

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What is Hype?

What are the benefits of becoming a Hype reviewer?

  • We arrange many review passes. You can attend and review fantastic experiences.
    Kindly see: Bay Area, Los Angeles, London.

  • Don't see your city? No worries, send us URLS and we will do our best to arrange your desired experience in any city.

  • We’ll help you grow your following — your profile will get recommended on the Hype App, newsletters and social media.

  • You'll get a chance to post your stories, posts, photos and reviews on Hype channels and reach over 200k of our audience.

How to become a Hype reviewer?

  • Download Hype app from: Apple App Store.

  • Login or create a new account.

  • To qualify for Review Passes you will need a profile with at least 5 wonderful posts about your favourite places and experiences.

  • That's it! We will review your posts and get back as soon as possible.

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What should I post about?

You can post about any place or experience you love from anywhere in the world.

Hypers love personal style and beautiful pictures, so make sure to write at least a few lines about why you’d recommend to visit certain place or do a particular experience.

You can post about any place or experience related to art, coffee, wine, travel, nature, food, and anything lifestyle and travel-related.

What is Hype?

I'm on Android, what should I do?

No worries! We’re working on launching on Android.
For now, please join our Facebook group.

How do the Review Passes work?

Once you get a review pass, you attend experiences free of charge and get free tickets, food, and drinks - that depends on each experience individually. You'll also have a chance to post on @hype_app Instagram to 50k of our followers.

Depending on an experience you have applied for and your requests, we may charge a concierge service fee for arranging your review passes, dietary requirements, +1s, logistics and 24/7 customer support. We guarantee a 100% refund protection if we fail to arrange your press pass.

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